What is The Most Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow?

Health Jan 31, 2020

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times as an expectant mother or father. Waiting in anticipation to meet the perfect little human that you’ve created and your brand-new future that awaits. Nobody can prepare you for the parts of pregnancy and after childbirth that is not all that glamorous. These are the often overlooked things that can leave you with aches, pains and tiredness.

These have fantastic features designed to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

When you find some respite from the common aches and pains and get a perfect night’s sleep, you’ll feel extremely happy with your investment. Here at Bambi, we have some great pregnancy pillow options available. Helping you and your little one have the very best comfort you deserve.

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Boomerang Pillow

The boomerang pillow is a V-shaped pillow that goes around your neck, angled down towards your shoulders. This is a super- comfortable pillow, perfect for when you’re pregnant. You can use it on an armchair or in bed, it’s ideal for relaxing and watching TV or reading your favourite book.

You can also place the pillow between your legs to relieve aches and pains, as well as reducing swelling of the ankles. If you’re experiencing back pain, you can use the boomerang to support your back and soothe you when you’re trying to get some much-needed sleep.

After you’ve given birth, you’ll continue to find the boomerang pillow an invaluable asset to you. If you’ve chosen to breastfeed your baby, then this pillow will offer support to you both while enjoying this natural and precious time together. Your baby will feel the comfort of the pillow, making feeding less stressful for you both. This is honestly one of the best breastfeeding pillows around.

The boomerang can also be useful to the father or your partner if you’ve decided to express milk or bottle feed. As they can use the same approach as you to feed your baby, helping build that all-important bond.

We’re proud to say that our boomerang pillow is manufactured in Australia. You can also purchase optional covers made from 100% Australian cotton. The pillows come in a pack of two and they are fully machine washable and anti-allergen. You could use one to sleep while your partner is feeding the baby.

Body Pillow

This pillow is a full-length body pillow that wraps around your neck and comes down to your feet on both sides. As similar as it is to the boomerang pillow, it has different advantages when you’re trying to support your bump, relieve aches and pains or trying to get a good night’s sleep in comfort.

When you’ve got swollen breasts, a bump and possibly swollen ankles; this pillow is extremely versatile. You can wrap the pillow between your legs, tuck it under your bump, support your back, support your breasts or elevate your ankles. There’s so much you can do with this pregnancy pillow.

Ultimately, there is no better choice than the body pillow for creating a comfortable position to sleep in when you’re feeling exhausted. This pillow also has optional covers that are made from 100% Australian cotton plus they’re asthma and allergy-friendly.

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Ecorenew Tencel Pillow

When bringing new life into the world, it makes us appreciate the world around us and what’s important for future generations. At Bambi we have the Ecorenew Tencel pillow, made in Australia and from new age fibres deriving from Eucalyptus trees. We care about our planet, so we have designed a pillow that is sustainable and soft, gentle on the environment and completely biodegradable.

If you’re a family that cares about the environment and would like to bring your children up with the same values, then the Ecorenew Tencel pillow is the best option for you. This pillow is ideal for laying your baby on to breastfeed or for you to enjoy some blissful rest and relaxation.

The Ecorenew Tencel pillow is also machine washable and can be purchased with extra covers. That way, if your baby is sick or the pillow just gets dirty it’s easy to clean for the next time you need it. This pillow comes in two sizes. You just need to choose the best one to suit your needs.

We all need to play our part in supporting the planet. Here at Bambi, we are proud to be able to offer you authentic Australian products that do just that.

Cooltouch Flip Pillow

This Cooltouch Flip pillow is ideal for you if you suffer from bouts of being hot one minute and cold the next. And let’s face it, with pregnancy hormones flowing everywhere, we can be a bit all over the place.

This pillow is made out of microfibre but has the luxurious feel of down. It retains its shape beautifully, so you always have a perfectly comfortable pillow. The Cooltouch Flip pillow is light and soft and offers great support when you’re trying to relieve your aching body. Enjoy that rest you’ve been looking forward to all day.

The main feature of this pillow is in the name, you can flip this pillow as it has a dual surface cover. One side has cooling phase change material helping you keep cool at night. The other side is made from Tencel blended moisture-wicking fabric, for the ultimate in flexibility as the seasons change. Does your body temperature fluctuate due to those pesky hormones? You’ll be able to use this pillow to your advantage and have exactly what you need and when you need it.

The Cooltouch Flip pillow is also completely machine washable, hypoallergenic and made within Australia supporting our own businesses while protecting sustainability and the planet.

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Comfortable Pregnancy Pillows

Now that you know all about the fantastic range of pregnancy pillows that Bambi has to offer. The hard part is now deciding which option is best for you! Do you like the idea of a boomerang pillow for extra support? Or, perhaps the body pillow sounds like a better option due to its flexibility. No matter your pregnancy or breastfeeding pillow preference, each option is bound to make life easier for you throughout your pregnancy.

We’re confident that our pillows will provide you with much-needed comfort and support for many years to come. At Bambi we’re proudly 100% Australian through and through, find out more about us today and support Australian made products.