Tips for Hot Sleepers: 1

News Feb 27, 2015

Hot Sleeper? Consider this: Layer your Bedding.

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Every night our bodies lose moisture . The cause of this could be medical, environmental, temperature or the use of certain materials on the bed.

Actual Moisture loss quantities vary and are debated. Some suggestions are up to 1 litre a night but we suggest you conduct your own research if you need to quantify this.

The causes and implications of moisture loss are connected to the different conditions which exist in our bodies or our bedroom. Much of the moisture will find its way into your bedding and ultimately your mattress itself. Check your pillow, sheets and mattress for yellowing. if they are then that’s usually caused by moisture .

Moisture in bedding can contribute to the growth of bacteria which in turn could exasperate allergies in some people. In addition moisture can also be one of the factors exacerbating ‘Hot Sleeping’ experiences.

We recommend the selection of material in your bedding which will disperse moisture away from your body. Consider your current bedding and work from the mattress up.

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Select a waterproof protector with a natural fibre upper layer (the waterproof layer should be in contact with your mattress). The waterproof layer is almost always a Polyester based product, currently the best material to create a moisture barrier. Where possible add an additional quilted protector layer. These are also Mattress Protectors but do not have a waterproof component. This item is normally filled and covered with Cotton or Tencel for improved breathability and will act as a barrier between your body and the waterproof component.

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Where possible try to minimize the use of Polyester based or filled products. These are man made fibres and whilst low cost, they do not disperse moisture as well as natural fibres do.

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