The Ultimate Guide to a Good Sleep in Winter

How To Jul 26, 2021

With longer and cooler nights, it’s easy to think that getting a good night’s sleep in winter is simple. But for some, winter can wreak havoc on sleep quantity and quality - making every night unpleasant. Here’s how to set yourself up for the best sleep possible this season.

As the temperature drops and the nights draw in earlier, there’s nothing quite as good as curling up in bed, snug and warm, protected from the outdoor elements. A good night’s sleep involves more than climbing into bed and hoping you’ll drift off as quickly as possible. It’s an experience made up of several things, each adding an extra layer of comfort and support for a deeper, more restorative sleep.

To help you get the most out of your time awake and encourage good sleep in winter, here are a few things to consider. Once you’ve created your own perfect conditions, getting in restful and comfy shut-eye becomes much easier.

Boost Warmth in Winter

To enjoy the best sleep possible, you want to boost the warmth of your bed without getting too hot or sweaty. From electric blankets to hot water bottles, there are a few different ways that people do this. One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep in winter is to use a Wool Underblanket.

Wool Underblankets, such as the Bambi Wool on Wool Underblanket, are a fantastic way to add an extra layer of insulation to your mattress, boosting comfort and keeping you perfectly warm during the colder months. Using 100% natural Australian wool and available in 5 different sizes, natural thermal-regulation and moisture-wicking properties keep you at the perfect temperature for quality sleep - minus the sweaty and clammy feeling of being too hot.

Another fantastic option is Alpaca fleece, such as the Moodmaker Superior Alpaca Quilt. Alpaca is seen as the gold standard when it comes to creating the ultimate sleeping conditions for any season. Alpaca fleece keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer, is naturally hypoallergenic and flame resistant and improves airflow and breathability. It’s also silky soft, lightweight and adds a much-needed touch of luxury to every bed.

Prevent Moisture & Overheating at Night

For many people, finding that perfect balance of warmth and comfort in bed can be tricky. Whether you’re a hot sleeper, struggling to optimise your bedding temperature or affected by menopause or a health condition that raises your body temperature - airflow and moisture-wicking can drastically improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Warmth is an integral part of a good sleep - but being hot isn’t. In fact, better sleep is experienced when your core body temperature drops by 2-3 degrees celsius. So if you tend to run hot at night, Bambi Sleepwise bedding can help you achieve optimal sleep temperatures, keeping you at the perfect core temperature while wicking away moisture. Letting you choose what’s best for you throughout the year.

If sweating and clamminess are issues for you, look for products made with natural materials and fibres. Thread counts are important, but the higher the count, the tighter the weave - resulting in a restriction of airflow and an increase of overheating at night. A combination approach can work well, with a wool underblanket on top of your mattress and a cooling cover and pillow for a more personalised sleep experience.

Provide Optimal Support for Your Neck

Waking up with neckache, shoulder and upper back pain or headaches on a regular basis are good indicators that your pillows are not providing adequate support while you sleep. Everything from the firmness of your pillow to the material it’s made from will play a role - as will the sleeping positions you use.

Back Sleepers - Medium profile pillows work best for back sleepers, elevating the head and neck for maximum comfort and support. As back sleepers place added pressure on the pillow, a medium-firm to firm pillow is the best option. The Moodmaker Superior Alpaca Pillow is an amazing option for back sleepers.

Side Sleepers - Those who tend to sleep on their side will benefit most from a high profile pillow, mainly as there is a more significant gap between the head and the mattress that requires extra support. This will relieve any stress and tension on the neck, keeping your spine and neck perfectly aligned.

Front Sleepers - If you find yourself sleeping on your tummy more than in any other position, choosing a low profile pillow will provide comfort and support as well as keep you cosy. Most adult front sleepers place their hands and arms beneath the pillow, so a low profile gives the perfect height to support the neck and spine.

Choose a Higher Loft Quilt

The higher the loft number of your quilt, the more weight and warmth it will provide. But, of course, that doesn’t mean a high loft will make you clammy and sweaty at night - especially when choosing materials that offer improved air circulation. One of the best quilt fillings to use is wool due to its versatility in all seasons.

High lofts (430 GSM) provide exceptional warmth during the cool winter months without being overly heavy. In regions that experience particularly harsh winters, super loft quilts (500 GSM) offer maximum protection from very cold conditions. A good all-rounder is an All-Seasons Quilt, comprising of 2 quilts in one. Easily detachable, you can join them together during winter and switch to a single quilt during summer.

Focus on Feel & Texture

Anyone who’s ever stayed in a high-end hotel knows that the feeling of luxurious fabrics against the skin can help you drift off quicker. A good night’s sleep involves warmth, reduced moisture and comfort - with the feel of certain materials creating a comforting and relaxing sensation.

Wool, microfibre, and TENCEL® are all fabrics that feel as soft as silk against the skin. So when looking at your mattress, a mattress topper can add sumptuous comfort that gives a cloud-like feeling you’ll love.

Remember, high thread counts with materials like cotton can actually feel rough against the skin due to a tighter weave and a denser finish. A thread count of between 300-400 is considered best, but the feel of the fabric is far more important than the number. More absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen, TENCEL®, a new-age material made from eucalyptus, uses less water in its production while providing out-of-this-world comfort.

Sleep Better, Naturally - with Bambi

Get the most amazing night’s sleep possible this winter by selecting bedding made for comfort. With a wide variety of sustainable Australian fibres, world-class manufacturing and new-age materials, achieving the perfect body temperature has never looked - or felt - so good.

From luxury quilts and mattress toppers to cloud-like pillows and sumptuous under blankets, find everything you need to keep you cosy this winter.