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The Bambi Wool Cot Underblanket provides a layer of warmth and comfort beneath your child’s bed sheets for a perfect night’s sleep. Made using the finest Australian wool, it offers a hypoallergenic choice for sensitive skin that is soft, snuggly and warm.

Backed by the Bambi 5-year product guarantee and the Woolmark Gold Label, you can sleep sweetly knowing that your little ones are resting safe and sound in maximum comfort.

Two size options

Woolmark Gold Label

5-year product warranty

Machine washable

300gsm Australian pure wool pile

Mattress corner straps

Wool Cot Underblanket Materials

300gsm Australian new wool

Wool Cot Underblanket Sizing

69 x 130 cm (Cot)
75 x 131 cm (Boori)

Wool Cot Underblanket Care

This wool underblanket is fully machine washable and tumble-drier friendly. Wash on a warm, gentle cycle and tumble on a cool heat setting or hang out to air dry in partial shade.

Find your perfect size using the Bambi Sizing Guide.



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