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Featuring a soft, pre-shrunk Japara cotton cover and pure Australian Down’s wool, the Bambi Superior Australian Wool Quilt provides maximum comfort throughout the year. This all-season quilt retains warmth in the winter and dissipates heat during the summer thanks to the thermoregulating properties of Down’s wool.

Available in Single, Double, Queen, King and Super King sizes and four different lofts, this wool quilt can be machine washed and tumble dried on a low heat setting, helping keep it in fantastic condition with minimal effort.

The All Seasons loft provides – the versatility of 2 quilts – 1 x light and 1 x high loft quilt – can be used separately or together – adjust the warmth as required.

Proudly made in Australia, this quality of this quilt is reflected in the Gold Woolmark label – the highest accreditation from the Woolmark company, representing the finest yards made from Australian wool.

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4 different lofts


5 different size options

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5-year product guarantee

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Machine wash and tumble dry

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Pure Australian wool

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All seasons

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Made in Australia

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Woolmark Gold

Wool – A centuries-old favourite
For centuries, wool has been a favourite choice for quilts, pillows and covers – and for good reason. To date, scientists have been unable to produce a single fibre that matches the incredible properties of wool.

Why choose a wool quilt?
Wool is resilient, warm, a natural insulator and easy to care for. However, its ability to create a ‘microclimate’ is what makes it so unique. It helps to regulate body temperature and humidity by converting moisture from liquid to vapour, keeping temperatures just right for sleep.

Is wool a good choice for warmer weather?
There’s a common misconception that wool only provides warmth in cold conditions and can’t be used in warm climates. However, the internal structure of wools fibres helps keep us cool and comfortable, meaning your quilt can be used all year round.

Are wool quilts heavy?
Wool may look heavy, but thanks to the millions of pockets of trapped air in wool fibres, good quality woollen quilts give you exceptional warmth without weight. As it naturally dissipates moisture, it remains dry, clean and lightweight.

Are there other benefits of wool?
One of the most significant benefits of wool bedding is that it is a naturally fire-resistant and self-extinguishing fibre. Thermal regulation properties create optimal temperatures, regardless of the season. Moisture-wicking draws moisture away from the body, making for a drier, more comfortable bed.

Have superior insulation
Are resilient
Have high moisture absorption
Have excellent moisture transportation
Are flame-resistant
Are natural, sustainable, renewable & eco-friendly

Are all woollen bedding products the same?
There are vast differences in the types of wool used in bedding. The breed of sheep, where the wool comes from and how it is treated all play a role. For more than 35 years, Bambi has been creating luxury woollen bedding using wool from Poll Dorset sheep in Coonawarra, S.A.

While the majority of sheep grow their wool in a corrugated fashion, the Poll Dorset wool grows in a spiral fashion. This creates a yarn that is more breathable and can achieve higher lofts. It also means that the wool can be machine washed (and in most cases tumbled dried) without the wool forming into heavy clumps after washing.


Quilt Care

Cold or warm machine wash on gentle wool cycle. Tumble dry on low setting or line dry. Dry clean (P)


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