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Produced from natural, sustainable plant fibres which are 100% biodegradable, Ingeo supports growing kids and the environment. Manufacturing Ingeo uses half of the energy required when compared to making polyester and emits 50% fewer carbon emissions. The Bambi Ingeo Junior pillow absorbs and disperses moisture, providing a comfortable, healthy, sweat-free sleep. The National Asthma Council Australia endorses this pillow with the Sensitive Choice seal of approval.

2-year product guarantee

Naturally hypoallergenic

10cm profiles

Lightweight & breathable

Sensitive Choice approved

Machine washable Australian cotton cover

Ingeo™ Junior Pillow Materials

  • Ingeo Corn fibre fill
  • Pure cotton cover


Ingeo™ Junior Pillow Sizing

  • 10cm Low Profile

Find your perfect size using the Bambi Sizing Guide.



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