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Stay cool all night long with Bambi’s Cooltouch™ Active Pillow Protector. This remarkable product has an upper layer of low heat conducting natural MICA mineral fibres. Unlike many cooling products on the market, this product is not gel infused, rather the natural MICA mineral fibres are woven into the fabric, meaning the fabric stays cool to the touch, regardless of how many times it is used, or laundered. The pillow protector is available in non waterproof and waterproof. The waterproof features an underside breathable waterproof membrane, resulting in a product that is both functional and comfortable.

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Waterproof & NON Waterproof available

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Contact cooling

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Machine washable.

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Asthma & allergy friendly

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5-year product guarantee.

Care/Washing Instructions

Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle. Line dry, when almost dry may be cool tumble dried. Do not dry clean.

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