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News Aug 08, 2018


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Bambi’s new TENCEL®, Alpaca & Memory Foam Pillow provides the ultimate in luxury living. To craft this beautiful pillow, we started with an inner of high quality memory foam; infused this with gel crystals for cooling, and then added pincore holes for additional airflow. Next, we cocooned this shape-retaining memory foam with pure, soft Australian Alpaca so your head will feel like its sleeping on a cloud. After that, we covered it with 100% pure TENCEL® – perhaps the softest, most healthful, planet-friendly fabric available. And finally, we gave it the 5 year product guarantee you’ve come to expect from the experts in bedding, Bambi. To experience a pillow that combines support with softness and helps you sleep wonderfully all night long, please visit your nearest leading bedding retailer or contact us to find a stockiest near you.

TENCEL® – A naturally healthier choice

Here at Bambi we are so proud of our luxury pure TENCEL® bedding items, we thought we would take the opportunity to share a little about TENCEL® and why it is so good for both our customers and the planet.

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TENCEL® is an innovative biodegradable textile that’s one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available. One of the main reasons we love it here at Bambi is that unlike many other bedding fabrics, TENCEL’s supply chain is completely transparent. TENCEL® is regenerated from sustainably-grown eucalyptus trees and is derived from trees that are grown on farms, not old growth forests. Plus, there’s no genetic manipulation, irrigation, or pesticides used.
If that wasn’t enough to make you think about buying TENCEL products, consider this: because of the nature of the material, the processing never requires bleach (a product used in the production of virtually every other fabric).

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Why TENCEL is so much more sustainable than Cotton: The eucalyptus tree itself is a very sustainable resource as it is extremely fast-growing and requires low water. In comparison, conventional cotton requires 2,700 litres of water to make one t-shirt and consumes 16% of the world’s insecticide use.
So the environmental benefits are undeniable, but what about the benefits of the fibre itself? Well the good news is that TENCEL®:

– Is more absorbent than cotton (in fact it wicks 50% more moisture than cotton)
– Is softer than silk (due to the make-up of the fabric shaft)
– Is cooler than linen (making it perfect for Australian bedding)
– Holds 200 times less bacteria than cotton (and 2000 times less bacteria than some synthetics)
– Dries exceptionally quickly
– Is wrinkle resistant
– Can be machine washed and tumble-dried
– Doesn’t need bleach or fabric softener in the washing process
– Drapes beautifully
– Is durable and long-lasting.

Did you know? Bambi are the only bedding company in Australia that sells products created from 100% TENCEL®. Our sheets, quilt covers, mattress protectors and quilts, not to mention our baby range, are not TENCEL-blends, but are made from pure 100% TENCEL®. This is because, once TENCEL® is blended with other fibres, it ceases to hold the same properties and benefits (as listed above) that TENCEL® is renowned for. Using 100% TENCEL®, rather than blending it with other fibres, is just another way Bambi lives up to its promise of helping Australian’s to sleep better… naturally.

To find out more about Bambi’s gorgeous range of TENCEL products including a beautiful range for Baby, please click on Bambi Baby or visit your closest leading bedding retailer.

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