From Ocean Bound Plastic to Sustainable Bedding

News Jan 15, 2023

At Bambi, we’re not only passionate about sleep - we’re passionate about sustainability, about being environmentally conscious and leading by example when it comes to our imprint and legacy in bedding.

Did you know, 8-12 million tonnes of plastic (8-12 billion kgs) enters the ocean every year? That’s on top of the masses of plastic already circulating our marine environments! Bambi has partnered with Plastic Bank to help stop single use plastic entering our oceans. We’re ready to make a difference and absolutely love being a part of the change.

Who is Plastic Bank?

“Plastic Bank is globally recognized as a thought leader, advocate, and innovator in plastic recycling.”

Plastic Bank has established ethical plastic waste collection branches within 50km of coastlines and targets the highest ocean pollution sources around the world. Operating in Indonesia, the Philippines, Egypt and Brazil, (and continuing to expand) collection members in these vulnerable coastal communities gather plastic waste from local beaches, riverbanks, neighbourhoods and even households – so ocean plastic is stopped directly at the source. Collection members then deposit this plastic waste into the collection branches and a value can then be withdrawn, they’re encouraged to exchange plastic waste for life-improving benefits such as health insurance or even groceries and cooking sources.

Collected / recycled plastic waste from these communities is sent to processing partners where it is then reborn as Social Plastic®, a high-quality recycled plastic feedstock. A Social Plastic® fibre fill is just one of the many amazing products that come from this feedstock and this eco-friendly fibre is what we use in our new Suprelle Blue range at Bambi. We purchase this Social Plastic fibre and make our Suprelle Blue range here in Australia.

With the support of impact partners like Bambi around the world, Plastic Bank offers safe and traceable sources of income to these community members. Plastic Bank empowers vulnerable communities with a path out of poverty. Every transaction is traceable, secure and audit ready.

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How many plastic bottles have been stopped from entering the ocean?

Together, Plastic Bank’s collectors, branch owners, partners, contributors, and employees have stopped over 3.4 billion single-use plastic bottles from entering the world’s oceans – the equivalent of 68 million kilograms of plastic waste!

We’re proud that roughly 38 plastic bottles make up each Suprelle Blue pillow, with the launch of our Suprelle Blue pillow range alone we have helped stop over 20,000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean - and we can’t wait to stop more! Every little bit helps and every contribution, no matter the size, is making a difference.  

Sleep well knowing you have contributed to cleaner oceans and helped others in need.

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Are you curious about your personal plastic footprint?

Complete the plastic footprint calculator at the below link to find out how you can make a difference.  

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