Bambi’s Guide to Mattress and Pillow Protection

News Jun 09, 2017
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Why do I need a Mattress Protector?

As a general rule, if you have a mattress, you need a mattress protector. This is not only to protect it from stains, but also from dust mites, allergens, bacteria and mold. Also, regardless of the material, your mattress is made from, the most important factor is that your mattress should never come into contact with moisture. When moisture enters a mattress, mold and mildew can form, leading to the growth of nasty, and often harmful, bacteria. Unfortunately, many people are not aware that moisture is not only caused by spills and upsets but also occurs naturally in the body every night. In fact, on average, a person will lose almost ½ litre of fluid a night which soaks straight into the mattress. Naturally, when two people are sleeping, this goes up to nearly a litre – meaning your mattress is soaking up in excess of 350 litres of perspiration every year. In addition to this, a mattress protector will also guard against dust mites that flourish in mattresses. They thrive on shredded/dead skin – and considering we lose almost 600,000 particles of skin an hour, that’s a lot to flourish on.

What is the best way to protect my mattress?

For the reasons stated above, a good quality waterproof mattress protector is the ideal way to protect your mattress and in turn, your family. Our Bambi waterproof protectors utilise the highest quality materials available, making them whisper quiet, safe and comfortable.

How do Bambi Mattress Protectors stay on?

Many inferior mattress protectors are simply attached to the mattress with elasticated bands. This means the protector will slip around or even come adrift completely whenever there is movement on the mattress. However, you can rest assured this won’t happen with a Bambi Mattress Protector since our products feature a tightly fitted skirt which keeps the protector securely in place all night long.

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What are the benefits of Quilted Mattress Protectors?

Quilted mattress protectors help to hold the interior fibre in place and prevent the occurrence of uneven padding. They also add extra cushioning and support to the sleeper while allowing natural breathability.

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What about warranties?

All of our mattress protectors have product warranties which guarantee the quality and durability of the product. In addition, our Protectiva Luxury Tencel protector, our Protectiva fully encased protector and our Tencel Health Assurance packs all come with a 10 year mattress replacement warranty, meaning that if you buy your mattress protector at the same time as the mattress, we cover your mattress surface against stains for 10 years. Our Cotton Health Assurance Pack has the same warranty but for a period of 5 years.

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Which Bambi Waterproof Protector is best for me?

There’s a waterproof mattress protector option for everyone, including:
Protectiva Bamboo/Cotton Towelling & Protectiva Bamboo/Cotton Stretch Knit mattress protectors.
The Protectiva Towelling product is the best option for bed-wetters, children, active people and the elderly. The towelling provides a soft, absorbent surface, while the polyurethane membrane provides a waterproof barrier. These protectors are easy to wash and quick to dry.
The Protective Stretch Knit protector is ideal for people who want waterproof protection, but don’t want to alter the feel of their mattress.
Both protectors are made from cotton/bamboo and are waterproof, allergy and allergen proof, dustmite and stain-proof and come with a 5 year Product Warranty. They are available in single, long-single, king single, double, queen, king and super king.

Protectiva Cotton/Bamboo Encasement Protector.

An Encasement Protector is a must for anyone who has concerns about bed-bugs or suffers from serious allergies, this fully-encased protector wraps around the entire mattress and then is closed with a zip. Made from a Cotton/Bamboo blend, the protector has a waterproof membrane on all surfaces and sides and is machine washable. Bambi offers our 10 year mattress stain warranty program with this product.

Protectiva Luxury Tencel Waterproof Mattress Protector

These luxury waterproof mattress protectors are ideal for people who are looking for an eco-friendly protector, made from a 100% renewable resource. Tencel is made from plantation timber and is a natural, breathable, soft material which wicks away 50% more moisture than cotton. Made with a waterproof polyurethane membrane, the protector has a deep fitted skirt, is ideal for allergy and allergen sufferers, is machine washable and comes with a 10 year mattress warranty.

Cotton Health Assurance Pack & Tencel Health Assurance Pack

The ultimate in protection for you and your mattress, Bambi’s Health Assurance Packs come with not one, but two layers of protection. The first layer is a fitted, waterproof mattress shield, which protects your mattress from any spills or upsets. Many of our customers ‘fit and forget’ this bottom layer. The second layer is a fitted, quilted protector which provides a breathable comfort layer between you and your mattress protector. Super comfortable and super soft, these packs are a must to ensure the health of you and your mattress. As with all our protectors, these packs are ideal for allergy and allergen sufferers, are machine washable and can be tumble-dried on a low heat. Our Cotton Health Assurance Pack features a 5 year mattress warranty and the Tencel features a 10 year mattress warranty.

Are there non-waterproof Mattress Protection options?

There certainly are. Bambi has a range of non-waterproof protectors including:
COTTINA – All cotton, quilted, pre-shrunk protectors with a deep fitted skirt.
BASICS – All cotton, quilted protector with Cotton cover and deep fitted skirt.
SENSITIVA – An embossed microfibre protector.
ECORENEW – A Tencel plant-fibre protector with a pre-shrunk Cotton Sateen Cover. Features a deep fitted skirt.

I am a hot sleeper. Is there a Protector with a Cool sleeping surface?

Yes, we can help with that too. Bambi, the innovators in bedding, have the perfect solution for hot sleepers: The Cooltouch Active Mattress protector. Unlike gel-infused products, Bambi’s Cooltouch technology features PCM (Phase Changing Material) which is actually woven into the fabric, meaning that the CoolTouch material is always cool to the touch – no matter how many times you wash it. (If you’ve never felt CoolTouch, we invite you to visit your local Bambi retailer – we’re sure you’ll be surprised at just how amazingly cool this fabric feels).

Do I need a Pillow Protector too?

Absolutely. A protector is as vital for a pillow as it is for a mattress, as the same amount of perspiration and other fluids are being absorbed into your pillow as your mattress. If you are interested in a waterproof pillow protector, consider the Protectiva Bamboo/Cotton Towelling or Stretch-Knit protectors, or the 100% Bamboo pillow protector. Non-waterproof pillow protectors are also available.

How do I care for my Mattress Protector?

To ensure your mattress stays clean and fresh for many years, simply follow these two simple care instructions:
Always ensure you don’t sleep directly on the protector; instead cover with sheets so that you add an extra layer of protection from tears, burns and severe spills. The less the protector is exposed to external elements, the longer it will last.
If a spill or upset does occur, the protector should be cleaned straight away to prevent staining.

If you have any further queries about mattress protectors or pillow protectors, please call our friendly staff who will be happy to assist.

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