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Your pillow protector should do more than just protect your pillows; it should enhance your comfort and provide the foundations for a fantastic night’s sleep too. Proudly made in Australia and backed by the Bambi 10-year product guarantee, the Bambi SleepWISE® Thermoregulation Pillow Protector comes in two different size options, is allergy and asthma-friendly and is entirely machine washable.

10-year product guarantee

Waterproof protection

2 size options

Thermoregulating properties

Jacquard Tencel finish

Made in Australia

Sensitive Choice

Sleepwise® Thermoregulation Mattress Protector Materials

Tencel blend jacquard

Sleepwise® Thermoregulation Pillow Protector Sizing

Standard size
King size

Sleepwise® Thermoregulation Pillow Protector Care

Wash on a warm, gentle cycle and then dry in a tumble dryer on a cool/warm heat setting.

Find your perfect size using the Bambi Sizing Guide.



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