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Featuring a fill of 30% Tencel® % 70% Down (consisting of 20% feather and 80% duck down) this quilt offers a plump and plush feel. The Down fill provides softness and warmth while the Tencel gives superior breathability, helping release excess heat and keeping you comfortably warm at night. Covered in a beautiful down-proof cotton cover, this quilt is ideal for the whole family.

5-year product guarantee

5 size options

Asthma & allergy-friendly

Tencel® & Down fill

Cotton cover

Machine washable

Advanta Tencel® Down Quilt Materials

30% Tencel % 70% Down fill
100% pure cotton cover

Advanta Tencel® Down Quilt Sizing

Super King

Advanta Tencel® Down Quilt Care

The Bambi Advanta Tencel® Down Quilt is fully machine washable on a gentle warm cycle. For best results, allow to air-dry outdoors on the line.

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